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A window to your health

A window to your health

Rthm makes your phone an advanced fitness tracker, for free.

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  • Heart Health

    The only mobile app that can seamlessly monitor your heart rate and breathing through clothes.

  • Genetics

    Receive genetic based health recommendations for a longer life.

  • Mindfulness

    Easy meditation anywhere with realtime feedback from your breathing and heart patterns.

  • Activity

    Track activity trends, steps, distance, and calories.

  • Sleep

    Automatic sleep monitoring and long-term trend analysis.

  • All on your phone

    With the Rthm app, your phone is the only fitness tracker you will ever need.

  • Get your heart rate in 6 seconds.
    Get your heart rate in 6 seconds.
  • Get Mindful in 2 minutes.
    Get Mindful in 2 minutes.
  • Personalized tips for a longer life.
    Personalized tips for a longer life.
  • The fitness tracker in your pocket.
    The fitness tracker in your pocket.

Work With Your DNA, Or Against It

Gain insight into your unique genetic advantages.

Opt for DeepRthm Genetic Analysis and receive a DNA collection kit in the mail. Rthm will combine the results of your genetic test with the health data captured from your phone or Apple Watch to deliver life improving recommendations you can act on in real time.

 Our DNA sequencing facilities are CLIA, CAP, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified.

Already have genetic data?

Upload now for full access to Rthm.

Your genetic information is stored anonymously on our encrypted servers. To ensure your information always remains secure and anonymous, we do not request any personal identifiers, such as legal name, in the upload process. This combination of procedural and electronic barriers was designed to ensure, no one, except for you, has access to your personal information.

  • Let your telomeres motivate you.
    Click to view the telomere references.
  • Eat what your body was made to.
    Click to view the full nutrition traits.
  • Find your athletic advantage.
    Click to view the full activity traits.
  • Build your brain from the inside out.
    Click to view the full mindfulness traits.


  • Order DeepRthm and receive a DNA collection kit in 1-2 weeks.
  • Register your kit by scanning the collection tube in the Rthm app.
  • Follow instructions to deposit a small saliva sample and return the package.
  • When your results are ready you will be notified and begin receiving genetic and telomere-based smart tips.

BUY DeepRthm

USD $149

DeepRthm is currently available for purchase in North America.

Rthm empowers you to extend your life. By combining your personal genetic profile with your activity patterns and demographic, Rthm provides unique insight into the preservation of your health. We do not screen for disease or communicate pre-disposition to illness. Rather, we analyze only the select genes relevant to identifying the discreet behavioral changes that will have the greatest impact on your health and longevity.

We analyze your DNA at the COMT, MTHFR, APOE, BDNF, ACTN3, VDR, MTHD1, GSTP1, PER1, and CREB1 genes, as well as assess your Telomere Length. This information is combined with the information from your smart phone or wearable fitness tracker to provide continually evolving health insights that you can act on immediately. 


What does Rthm do?

Rthm fuses proprietary advancements in biosensor technology and the most up-to-date scientific data with personal genetic analysis to revolutionize the way people use technology to improve their health, fight cellular aging and extend their lives.

How do I get the DeepRthm results?

You can purchase a DeepRthm genetic kit from our website or directly through the app. A kit with a unique barcode is shipped directly to you. First, make sure to scan your barcode using the Rthm barcode scanner. Second follow the collection kit instructions and deposit your saliva into the collection tube, and place the sample back in the box. The box will already have a pre-paid shipping label on it for return, simply deposit the box at your nearest mailbox. If you are located in Canada, arrange a pick up from UPS or drop off the box at the nearest UPS Store. Once your DNA have been processed your genetic traits grouped by nutrition, activity, and mindfulness will automatically be synced to your phone. You can view the results in the genetic traits view and you will begin receiving daily genetic-based health tip cards.

I already had a genetic test; can I import this into Rthm?

We support the upload of raw data from certain consumer genetic tests although you will not receive the full functionality due to missing information that is only available from DeepRthm kits. DeepRthm focuses on polymorphisms specifically related to exercise, nutrition, and neurotransmission. Furthermore, DeepRthm measures telomere length, which we use to contextualize your genetic and behavioral interactions.

You can directly upload your raw data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA (autosomal), or DeCODEme. This will instantly load your genetic traits in the Rthm app and you will start receiving daily genetic-based health tips. To get started, please visit, where you can sign up/login with your Rthm account and find step-by-step instructions for uploading your data.

How does sleep tracking work? Do I need to put the phone under my pillow?

Rthm automatically tracks your sleep using a very low-battery power option by monitoring the first and last time your phone moves. Place the phone on your nightstand and Rthm will passively measure bedtime and wake time and then calculate sleep duration. If you notice sleep is off, you can edit and confirm the times. If you check first thing in the morning immediately after you wake up and the activity data hasn’t had a chance to come in yet, your historical bed and wake times are used to generate the sleep card. If you wait 5-15 minutes the activity data is available and new sleep data will be used to populate the cards. If you edit a sleep card and/or confirm the result, your sleep will not be overwritten.

Is Rthm available for download for Android users?

The Android version will be available later this summer. To receive a note about when Rthm for Android is available on Google Play, sign up for our Newsletter list.

Not seeing my question answered here?

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