the number one health app in 26 countries

the number one health app in 26 countries

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  • Body Clock

    Align life with your circadian rhythm for better health.

  • Heart Health

    The only mobile app that can seamlessly monitor your cardiac patterns through clothes.

  • Genetics

    Explore your genetic makeup to better understand your body and improve your life.

  • Activity

    Automatically track steps taken, calories burned, and hours asleep.

  • Discoveries

    Health advice is always changing. Use Discoveries to get answers for yourself.

  • All on your phone

    With the Rthm app, your phone is the only fitness tracker you will ever need.

Your Body's Clock

Your Body's Clock

Plants, animals, humans, and even individual cells have internal Body Clocks known as 'Circadian Rhythms'. These rhythms govern your brain, metabolism, immune system, and virtually every organ in your body. Based on 30+ years of research and your own unique sleep patterns, the Body Clock shows you the best times to eat, think, exercise, and more.

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With decades of published research and 1.8 million unique recordings, we designed DeepHeart- the world's first technology capable of instantly analyzing your heart health and nervous system using only your iPhone.

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Make Daily Use of Your 23andMe or Ancestry Results with riDNA.

Beyond analyzing 41 genetic traits related to the brain, immune system, and more, riDNA sends you personalized tips based on your genetics, heart health, sleep, and exercise, directly to your phone, everyday.

To access riDNA, order below and we’ll email you a passcode to securely upload your DNA results.

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riDNA - the world's first automated, mobile DNA analysis technology

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What does Rthm do?

Rthm combines self directed discoveries with modern science to give people a deeper understanding of their bodies.

I already had a genetic test; can I import this into Rthm?

We support the upload of raw data from certain consumer genetic tests.

How does sleep tracking work?

Rthm automatically tracks your sleep using a very low-battery power option by monitoring the first and last time your phone moves.

Is Rthm available on Android?

Yes, but some functionality may be limited.

Not seeing my question answered here?

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